Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern Dilemma


Dr. Sue Johnson, best-selling author of Hold Me Tight

“To Have and to Hold speaks to so many women’s experiences of motherhood and marriage and fits with the rising interest in and acceptance of attachment as a framework for understanding close relationships. Molly's expertise shines on every page, and she writes beautifully. This book is exactly what I would be looking for if I were a new mother.”  

Dr. Craig Malkin, Harvard Medical School, author of Rethinking Narcissism

“A love note to mothers everywhere, movingly written, To Have and to Hold shines a powerful light on aspects of motherhood too long shrouded in shame. Millwood’s refrain— you are not alone, and what you’re feeling is normal—is as empowering as it is healing.” 

Dr. Leah Weiss, The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, author of How We Work

“In To Have and to Hold, Molly Millwood has rendered an affecting portrait of the complexities of modern motherhood with compassion and empathy. While the mundanities of caring for young children can obscure the beauty of the act—as well as disorient us from ourselves— her gentle guidance will help readers find meaning, connection, and joy amid the chaos.” 

Dr. Amy Mandeville O’Meara, WHNP, AGNP, author of Maternity, Newborn, and Women’s Health Nursing

“As a culture, we largely ignore the emotional health and wellbeing of new mothers. To Have and to Hold provides an insightful perspective from which to view the challenges facing so many women. Dr. Millwood’s writing is highly readable and her tone deeply kind. Thank you for pulling us out of the shame cave and into the light.” 

Kirkus Reviews

"Informative, entertaining, and enlightening research and personal reflections on the multifaceted ways children change a person forever."